Russia kills 14 in hospital attack in eastern Ukraine | Russo-Ukrainian War

Russia has accused the Ukrainian army of deliberately attacking a hospital in a Russian-held area of ​​eastern Ukraine in what it called a war crime that killed 14 people and injured 24 patients and members of the medical staff. There was no immediate response to Ukraine’s allegations on Saturday. The attack hit a hospital in … Read more

Five Russian men fleeing conscription have been living in a South Korean airport for months

Seoul, South Korea CNN — Five Russian men who fled the country after Moscow’s military mobilization order last September have been stranded at South Korea’s Incheon International Airport for months after authorities refused to accept them. Three of the men had arrived in October, the other two in November, their lawyer Lee Jong-chan said. Lee … Read more

Russian ‘megalomania’ in Ukraine war cited at death camp memorial | news from the world wars

The director of the Auschwitz camp memorial equated Nazi crimes in World War II with Russian forces currently in Ukraine. The director of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp memorial has compared the recent killing of people in Ukraine by Russian forces to similar suffering suffered during World War II. On the 78th anniversary of the … Read more

North Korea condemns US shipment of battle tanks to Ukraine | Russo-Ukrainian War

Kim Yo Jong, the North Korean leader’s influential sister, has accused the United States of waging a “proxy war” against Russia. The influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has condemned the US decision to provide Ukraine with advanced battle tanks to help fight Russian forces, accusing Washington of crossing a “red line” … Read more

Energy giants set to break annual profit records

US President Joe Biden previously pointed the finger at Exxon Mobil for making “more money than God” last year. Brandon Bell | Getty Images Some of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies are poised to report record annual profits, raking in extraordinary revenues after a year of volatile fossil fuel prices amid Russia’s assault … Read more

Russia Strikes Ukrainian Cities Hours After Western Countries Promised Kyiv Tanks

CNN — Ukraine has urged the West to get military hardware into the hands of its troops as quickly as possible, as Russia fired missiles at Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities just hours after Germany and the United States announced its intention to supply modern tanks to the country. Russia launched 55 missiles at Ukraine … Read more

Russia. NATO’s involvement in the war “grows” with weapons to Ukraine | Russo-Ukrainian War

Russia says delivery of NATO battle tanks to Ukraine is proof of ‘direct and growing’ US and European involvement in war, analyst suggests supplier nations could become potential targets. The comments come after the United States and Germany said on Wednesday they would arm Ukraine with dozens of heavy tanks in its fight against Russian … Read more

Wagner Group: the United States introduces new sanctions against a group of Russian mercenaries

CNN — The US Treasury Department on Thursday designated the Wagner Group, a private Russian mercenary organization heavily involved in the war in Ukraine, as a major transnational criminal organization, and imposed a series of sanctions on a transnational network that supports it. The US State Department simultaneously announced a number of sanctions intended to … Read more

Former Kremlin aide Abbas Gallyamov predicts military coup against Putin

A former Kremlin aide warns that as Moscow blindly pursues its bloody conquest of Ukraine, the domestic situation is quietly heading towards a military coup. Abbas Gallyamov, Vladimir Putin’s former speechwriter, says the conditions are already ripe for an all-out revolt. “The longer the war drags on, the more obvious its futility becomes,” writes Gallyamov … Read more