Quantumania Clip Teases Kang’s Relationship With Janet

A new Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania featurette teases this relationship between Kang the Conqueror and Janet Van Dyne. Michelle Pfeiffer opened up about how dangerous the Marvel villain can be and how heroes can’t trust him. During the clip, she uttered the words, “There’s someone I didn’t tell you about.” At that point, it seems like there was something other than science going on between these two. There are other little things in there like Paul Rudd being protective of Scott Lang at this point and Jonathan Majors saying Kang can’t be contained. Prepare to browse the details for Marvel fans. Take a look here.

Speaking previously with Empire Magazine, Marvel Director Kevin Feige said Pym technology would be absolutely essential for Kang to achieve his goals. That means he probably had a run-in with the old Wasp at some point in the past. “Kang is a very powerful person, but when we meet him, he’s in a position where he has to reclaim that power,” Feige explained. “He has a ship and a device that would allow him to go anywhere, anytime if he can get it online. If only he had access to genius scientists with Pym particles.”

What inspired Kang the Conqueror?

During a meeting with Fandango, Majors was asked about his preparation time to enter the Quantum Realm. Specifically, was there some sort of historical pattern for Kang the Conqueror. Well, over time there have been individuals who have sought power over vast dominions. So start there. But, Majors also made sure to bring him to the MCU as he presented himself as something of a foil for Iron Man. If this reunion ever happens on a movie screen, it will be absolutely electric.

“Uh, Kang’s inspirations? He’s a conqueror. You should watch Alexander the Great. Watch Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar starts there,” Majors mused. “It’s part of an already established universe. It’s inspirations and then counterpoints, what’s also important in creating a character is understanding how they counter people. “You’re smart, but look how smart I am”. can look at Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man and say okay, if it’s the superhero of superheroes and so on, and I have to be the supervillain of supervillains. How can I counter that in the air of the times. I can write a book about it at this point, but I’ll end here.”

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