From Bleak to Dark’ HBO Comedy Special Trailer

Marc Maron is nothing if not on the mark. The comedian and WTF host, including Netflix’s latest 2020 apocalypse-themed special End times fun, could rightly be described as “dark”, is upping the ante on his new special. On February 11, Maron will release her first hour-long special on HBO, From dark to dark. “I don’t mean to be negative, but I don’t think anything ever gets better,” he says in the trailer.

Filmed on December 8 at New York City Hall, From dark to dark is a “deeply personal” special that will see Maron open up about losing her partner, filmmaker Lynn Shelton, and “reestablishing her complicated relationship with her father,” according to an HBO statement. “I know many of you know that during COVID my girlfriend passed away,” he says in the clip. “It was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me – and I’m sure about her.”

Even Maron’s three beloved cats don’t escape her dark outlook in this trailer. “Best case scenario, I’m going to have to get them all killed,” he said. “I will have to kill my friends.” Hopefully they’re all healthy right now and don’t follow Boomer, Monkey and LaFonda’s path anytime soon.

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